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The Company is setting up the plant in Rajasthan which shall be Zero Liquid discharge and will have minimum Carbon discharge.

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Arams Greenergy Private Limited.

The company shall use agro based fuels for creating energy in place of fossil fuels and CNG in place of LPG, thereby reducing carbon footprints and saving the environment. Green energy plays a key role in the energy transition due to low environmental impact.


We have moved into renewable energy as a comprehensive source for all our energy supply to our factories.


Solar energy is a powerful source of energy that can be used to heat, cool, and light homes and businesses.


We have moved into renewable energy as a comprehensive source for all our energy supply to our factories by means of wind power plants.


Our fabrics are "WATER POSITIVE" and this differentiates us from other suppliers.


SAAM Textiles has invested in a planned machinery set up wherein we use variable compressors and latest technology of Air Jet Looms, for usage of less energy and increased efficiency. By using variable compressors and Air Jet Looms, we are consuming 15% less power as compared to conventional compressors and looms.

Aram's Textile Plant

Aram's Textile

Our Plant will be utilizing solar power energy during day time to run all the machines.

Aram's Textile has not only transformed its energy profile but has also woven sustainability into the very fabric of its corporate identity.

Capacity is to generate 800KW/Day energy to run all the machines in the plant.

Water Positive

There is 70% less usage of water in production. The minuscule amount of water used goes through continuous recycling and 95% of it is re-used through our RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants.

ETP /STP Plant is the biological plant which works with enzyme based treatment to wastewater and then transferred to RO plant.

ARAMS is Zero liquid discharge plant with MEE( Multi Effect Evaporation).